Tuesday, 18 October 2016

KILMORE QUILT IN DAY... oh what a day.

I was picked up nice and early by the lovely Rosie. Unfortunately Rosie is a little deaf and had an infection in her good ear. Oh what a fun day communicating ahead.... Anyway, we can do it..
In the car and off we drive.
What a selfie

This post may come in 2 or 3 parts. There are a lot of photos from the guest speaker.

All of our HONOUR QUILTS are on display.

The tables are set

Rosie, Jo, Maxine & Jenny

 Cherie and Christine from Heathcote  

The start of THE ANTIQUE QUILT talk. We were shown the most amazing quilts. There were so many stories. I am only showing you photos though.


  1. Love antique quilts. They look fabulous.

  2. Wow Jo, so many gorgeous quilts... glad you had a great day out x

  3. Hello Rosie and Jo, thanks for the sew and tell... lovely to see you both. xoxo


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