Thursday, 6 October 2016

Kilmores monthly movie row by row SAL

Kilmore Quilters are doing a monthly row by row mystery sew a long. Only join in if you want to. No hard rules. Make any size you want. I got off to a late start with my foot injuries and moving. I have caught up ... well nearly, anyway. I have prepared all my blocks/rows and just need to do the appliqué stitching. This will be done by machine...

They are all to be movie titles. Try for classic movies.
The months and the themes as well as my choices are as follows...

1.... Classic Musical.... This row has been scrapped. I am now working on a new design...
2.... A Special Year.... MARY POPPINS
3.... A Romance.... LETTERS TO JULIET
4.... A Melbourne/Australian Movie.... PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK...

I decided to try and keep mine to suit a child's quilt. I wanted to make it fun and colourful. When it's finished I will have a gift for someone.

The start and Month 1.... a Classic Musical.... this idea has been scrapped..
I went for Cats then CATS ON A HOT TIN ROOF. Now am working on a different idea.  I just thought they were fun. There are 9 of them for cats have 9 lives. Are you superstitious.... and they are all scrappy which is where my patchwork is at the moment. Maybe this block can be used later in the quilt....
1....   CTAS, Cats on a Hot TIN ROOF .... Both ideas scrapped.

******* I was corrected today and told CATS was not a movie but a stage play so I have had to change the name of my choice to CATS ON A HOT TIN ROOF.  Apparently this isn't a musical. So I have got another idea and it is a Classic Musical. WIZARD OF OZ.... What do you all think ??*****

Month 2 is all about a special year. Any year for any reason.
My year was all about MARY POPPINS.
It's a fun happy movie.
The design is a bit pale but once I satin stitch them it will make a big difference
2... Mary Poppins

Month 3 was a Romance movie.
LETTERS TO JULIET was my idea. I love this movie. As I had received some fabric postcards I thought I would add them too.
3...   Letters to Juliet
I made my blocks into envelopes and put in some fabric postcards that have been sent to me.

Month 4 was to be a Classic movie made in Melbourne or at least Australia.
4.... Picnic at Hanging Rock

Here they are all laid out together. When all the stitching is done the shapes will stand out better. These rows measure about 32" wide. It will make a good size kids quilt. I will had a border to it once all the rows are done. I can't remember how many months we are doing it for.
4 rows all together.


  1. Wow Jo you have been busy. Love the blocks, all very recognisable.Love the idea of the letters/postcards.

  2. Love your rows, love your theme ideas xxx

  3. Your rows look great Jo. I love the Mary Poppins!

  4. Great rows Jo, they look wonderful, love the cats!


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