Thursday, 21 March 2019

Sandra's scraps

Sandra from my local quilt group donated to me for charity a whole pile of unwanted blocks.
She had made a pile of sting blocks, cut them and resend them into mixed blocks.
They looked very messy and she lost faith.

(Sorry, should have got a photo)

So I sat there one night and unpicked all the blocks. It left me with a great pile of string triangles. There was also a strip of matching fabric.

I packed them all into my retreat bag and got them out where I had room to play. 
I put my thinking cap on and came up with the idea to pair them as half square triangles.
I used up all the fabric but not the blocks.

They ended up 10" blocks so now measures 40" * 60".
A great charity size.

I'm happy with this design. I also have all the odd bits left which will go towards another quilt one day.

This is the backing that I had donated as well
It matches perfectly.

The quilt is all basted ready for the quilting.


kiwikid said...

Great saving of the blocks Jo. You have made a wonderful quilt.

Ellen said...

Great job Jo - you turned those messy and unwanted blocks into a wonderful quilt.

Cheryll said...

You did a great job on using up those blocks. Well done Jo...xox

PaulaB quilts said...

A really clever use of those string pieces. I love the setting.

Maria said...

Great use of Sandra's blocks and will be a nice quilt for someone..

Linda said...

Clever way to repurpose those blocks. Wish you had taken a "before" photo so we could see what the original blocks looked like. It's a great quilt, very striking.