Tuesday 5 March 2019



It is my turn to design a block for everyone to make. It finishes at 4.5" so we are working with small pieces. I call it MULTIPLY as the pieces start off small and get larger in each round.

Here goes.

I made mine with 10 different fabrics/shades of GREEN

Cut 4 @ 1 1/4"
Cut 3 @ 1 5/8"
Cut 3 @ 2 3/4"

Lay your pieces out with the pieces in the correct place to make it easier when assembling

Sew the 4 * 1 1/4" squares together to make a 4 patch
Trim this 4 patch to 1 5/8".

Sew the 3 * 1 5/8" squares to this assembled 4 patch to create a new 4 patch.
This new 4 patch should measure 2 3/4".

Go ahead and sew the last 3 squares to make a completed block.

Here we have the block measuring 5". This means it will be 4.5" finished

Hope you have enjoyed making this block as much as me.

Here are my other colour ways in this design to give you ideas of colour placement.

I have designed this block to participate in SoScrappy RSC19.

Angela will have a PDF of this pattern for you to print. Click on the following link.

Every week there is a new block put up for you to make. Each one is designed/chosen by fellow quilters.

Each month there is a new colour.


elliek said...

Well done

Vireya said...

That's great! You could use up some tiny scraps with this block.

The "cutting board" fabric made me smile. I used to have some of that. I wonder if there is a tiny scrap left somewhere in my stash?

Ellen said...

Great block Jo!

Terri said...

Simple and complex at the same time. Thanks for sharing your block, Jo.

Angie said...

Clever block! Thank you for the great instructions!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That is a fun block! Thanks for sharing it with us this week!

The Joyful Quilter said...

That is SEW much fun, Jo! LOVE how you've made your block in each Color of the Month. Multiply looks perfect for a stand-alone RSC project!

PaulaB quilts said...

Great tiny block, Jo.

ellieshomemadehome.blogspot.com said...

Love all the colours, great block :)

jacaranda said...

Love the greens.

Mari said...

Great block, and a nice addition to the sampler. Thanks Jo!

kiwikid said...

Wonderful block Jo, they all look great together.

Julie in GA said...

I love your block design. I had so much fun making mine that I ended up with four of them!

Sheryl said...

Clever work with these pretty greens.

elliek said...

Went to the Escher exhibit at NGV last week and he had drawn something very similar. "smaller and smaller" Love it.

dq said...

"Multiply" is the perfect name for this block. Love it!