Sunday 3 April 2022

Happy birthday to my son ———- Some sewing, mending and retreat packing…..

Happy birthday to my son, JOHN. It was 10 years ago today we celebrated your last birthday together.  You would have been 28 today and a wonderful man. We are not allowed to let balloons go into the air any more. Please know we are sending these ones to you now.


I am slowly doing a little bit of sewing.

First up is some mending. Attaching a button, 

stitching the opening to close the gaping hole.

March over at Angela’s was YELLOW…. Soscrappy RSC challenge. April is PINK

Also TABLE SCRAP CHALLENGE at the Joyful Quilter. March was FLOWERS. April is WORDS

I am on a mission to make more of these useful placemats. Out came all my yellow little scraps. Some strips & blocks leftover from a previous baby quilt and other bits.

And in goes the zip.

Now it is finished. Funny how this photo shows it as orange but it really is yellow.

Then on to my little doggy sew along.

This month we are to work a border with appliqué. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I bought this cheap fabric on clearance at Spotlight. I didn’t realise at the time it would fit this project perfectly. So, start with the borders. Careful of the directional design.

Isn’t he bordered so sweet.

Here are the appliqué designs I chose.

I spent a couple of days doing the hand stitching. Look at where it is now. 

I have a little bit of hand stitching packed for retreat

I’ll be on my way to Scrub Stitchin’ soon to meet up with some blogging friends.
It’s about time we met in person.


grammajudyb said...

Oh My Gosh! What a cute dalmatian pup! The border is perfect, made fabulous by your applique!
Have a great sewing retreat! Always fun to spend time with some friends.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I was just trying to figure out the instructions for your Zippy Placemats yesterday and here you've made another! I think the process picture you shared helped. Thanks for joining the March 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge!!

Maria said...

A great yellow Zippy Placemat..
Safe travels to Scrub Stitching 🧵.
Hugs 🤗

Chookyblue...... said...

10 years..... I'm sure feels like yesterday......Hugs.... Sad you can't release balloons anymore...... They served a very special purpose to many.....
Not that I like dogs at all but it's looking good.....
Can't wait to catch up at Scrub Stitchin' 3 sleeps...... Definitely excited that we get to meet.... Insert squeals of excitement...... Not sure how long we have been friends but I know it's more then 10 years.....

Jenny said...

Mending doesn't take long to do, and dont we feel good when it is completed. That's a cute little dalmation pup, made even cuter with the applique on the border. I did wonder what a zip was doing on the placemat, and then the penny dropped, great idea.

Narelle said...

Your little puppy is perfection, love the design. I've not seen a zippered place mat, very clever. Enjoy your retreat :)

jude's page said...

Thinking of you as you remember 10 years. Time seems to disappear so quick, but the memories remain. Safe travels, and great that you are heading to scrub stitching. You'll have a great time.

loulee said...

Your doggy quilt is coming along very nicely. It is terribly cute.
Have fun at scrub stitchin'.

Linda said...

The dog quilting is beautiful. So bright and amusing. Enjoy your retreat. Another anniversary for John, 10 years is a milestone one. Thinking of you with love.

Deb A said...

Love the added zipper in the placemat! The doggie quilt is adorable and those are teeny tiny hexagons in the box. Hope you have a great time stitching with friends.

Susan said...

Oh Jo, a sad day for you.

How wonderful though that you are off to - well you've already been & probably returned -Scrub Stitchin'. I'm sure you had a great time

kiwikid said...

Ah Jo, 10 years, it does not seem like that long. Hugs.
Your puppy quilt is very cute, great applique, the table mats are wonderful too.