Wednesday 29 May 2024

Another special Happy birthday to my friend Christine.

 Christine is celebrating her birthday on a special holiday with her family so I had a lovely phone call with her.


Her gift has to wait to be sent so she is home when it arrives.

I have been knitting with teabag strings and finished her scarf.

It measures 2 metres long. It weighs 38grams. And used approximately 3,230 teabag strings.
Of course it depends on the size of the strings. Some are longer than others. This was calculated on 85 strings per gram. I used 4.5mm needles and 40 sts. Then just knit until it reaches about 2 metres long.

Look how lovely it looks.

It I lovely and washed up so soft too.

Time to wrap it up and get it in the post.


Denice Barker said...


jude's page said...

Well done JO, what a labour of love, beautiful gift

Arish said...

Ohhhhhhh qué original y bonita y qué genial la idea del hilo de las bolsitas de te. BESICOS.

loulee said...

Very lucky friend.

Susan Smith said...

OMG! Tying them together must be the hardest part, but worth it & a very lucky recipient.

kiwikid said...

Lovely present for Christine;s birthday Jo.

Janet O. said...

That scarf is incredible, Jo! What inspired you to create this? Did you see it somewhere, or is this all out of your own head?

Jenny said...

You are amazing with your teabag strings