Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My new knitted socks.

I received these in the mail a few weeks ago.
Aren't they groovy... I love knitted socks and Kimberley was having a give away... Lucky me won them....
I tried one on and it looks a little stretched compared to the other one. All is good. They fit.
Love the ORANGE.. I might lose them to my daughter now. 

Here they are on my feet. They are lovely.

Thanks Kimberley


  1. Hi Jo,congrats on your lovely win,i love the colour,bet they are warm ,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  2. Great win! Great socks! You won't loose those in the sock drawer!

  3. Congrats on your win. Lovely colour

  4. Great win...you will certainly have toasty warm feet.

  5. Fun win. They look nice and comfy.

  6. tickled pink you love them and seeing my socks on someone else's feet! :) I have only knitted 4 other pairs for other people. This winter though I have not knitted one pair. better get on to that...


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