Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Such great mail today. Im EXCITED

I am so excited. 
When I got home today I had a parcel waiting for me. I couldn't wait to open it and do a post about it. I had been expecting it.....
A few while ago on a blog somewhere I read about getting your blog put into a book.
I had a look into it and never got around to going through with it.
Then late one night I couldn't sleep so I had a play, hit the BUY button, paid, then had to sit and wait for the finished product.
Like I said.

Here is the front cover.

My introduction.

Contents pages.

Blog post pages.

The back cover.

There are 80 pages all up and it cost $65.
When you order it is in American Dollars so just beware.

So go on over and have a look.
It did take a while to sort it out but it is worth it.
I have already ordered my next book for the year of 2014.
You can choose the dates of what you want printed....

I had to use my lovely pin cushions that were gifts from Cheryl & Keryn as page stoppers. I do use them


  1. Hi Jo ,wow this book is awesome,what a lovely tribute and lovely to look back on,i am glad you went through with it,lol thought i recognized those pin cushions,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  2. Beautiful Jo - I have looked at doing this several times but just haven't got around to it. Thinking I will take the plunge now after seeing yours!!

  3. A beautiful moving dedication...enjoy your book Jo xxx

  4. Oh Jo it looks amazing - what a wonderful keepsake and how wonderful to read back over the past 2 or 3 years with lots and of good and some sad memories and lots of beautiful sewing/knitting

  5. What a great idea, a hard copy of all your creative endeavours.

  6. Jo what a beautiful book and how special to go back and look through it and the memories. xx

  7. I do a blog book every year and I love having it to look back at! :0)

  8. I have never heard of this idea before. I am so pleased you are thrilled with your book, Jo.

  9. Wonderful idea Jo, I have 2 years printed out from my blog but in soft the dedication on yours!

  10. I came very close to doing this but was looking at doing the 5 yrs since I started and the price for the 5 yrs was going to be around $200 or more which kind of threw me a bit, but perhaps I could look at just doing 3 yrs and then doing a further 3.

  11. Brilliant! I've got one printed, and need to do a few more (no space to store them atm). I've decided to do one year at a time and have them as separate volumes for posterity. Soon I will have the right space. x

  12. Jo thanks for rejuvenating this post at Tuesday Archives this week. Somehow I missed it and am so glad to find out we can make our blog into a book! Yours came out great...I even saw the T.A. badge in there! (Smiles!)


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