Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A relaxing few days with a kookaburra

I am away with my daughter and the grandsons for a few fun days.
The weather is so much better today than yesterday. It was very nice with the sun out and sitting beside the campfire. Having a clean up and seeing the kookaburra dive for food. We found a witchety grub and put it on a tree branch. It swooped and grabbed the bug. It was so good just sitting and watching.
Kookaburra watching to see what food he can get

Kookaburra waiting for the right time to swoop

Relaxing by the campfire. Of course with a drink in hand


  1. Looks like a great place to be, hope the Kookaburra doesn't like a wine..keep your glass close Jo.xx

  2. What a great relaxing arvo.
    Hahahahaa .Keryn, you know mum so well lol. Glass is close by!

  3. Hi Jo,lol ,just laughing at what Keryn said,yes i hope it doesnt like wine,lol,have fun with your DD and GS's,cheers xx

  4. Sorry, my previous comment had some stupid typos! Try again! Enjoy your family time and add some new memories to your memory bank. Hope the weather stays fine.

  5. Well let's see...I was in Sydney/Oakland/etc back in 1992 and we saw a couple Kookaburras in the trees where we were staying. Wish I could remember more about them but that was a "couple" years ago...

  6. Looks like fun. Enjoy all the relaxation.


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