Thursday, 17 September 2015

A gift for a friend

I needed to make a special gift for a friend.. So I put together this cute wall hanging...
I just love the colours...
I used it as a practice for the new Westalee quilting rulers.. I used a small clam shell design.,I am very happy with how it has turned out...

I love the jar of buttons. There is still something to stitch on it but I will not be showing that as it might give the gift away....

I'll be sharing my Friday night with a blogging friend so I'm sure there will be some stitching of some sort.
So go have a look, sign up and stitch along with us all
I am really looking forward to my weekend adventure.

Look out for the posts...


  1. Lovely Jo. someone's going to be spoilt

  2. Hi Jo very cute,yes someone will be very happy,are you getting into mischief with Keryn Friday night,can't wait to see pics of your workshop,you will have so much fun my friend,give Keryn a hug for me please,safe travels my friend xx

  3. What a lovely gift. Pretty colours.

  4. Very cute little wall hanging for someone special :-)

  5. Such a cute give for the lucky receive the regards lyn

  6. Very cute. Purple is such a fun color to stitch with.


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