Friday, 25 September 2015

Australian (Americana) & Spring SAL

I have worked very hard today cutting and piecing.. I still need to do all the hand stitching but that will happen later..
I made only 2 Betsy Sues with the Australian flag. I still need to add a frame around the flag. I only did 2 because my quilt isn't going to be as wide. I will do all the calculations and add in places if I need to. I kept with the red, white and blue. Still sticking with a similar theme to you all.

Next up was the picket fence. Wow it is a big fence. I thought I had enough of one fabric but didn't. Then I added a lighter fabric to finish off. That hasn't really worked too well. It blends too much with the fence. I will need to do a but of outline stitching to help it stand out. I have added some climbing roses which I will raw edge appliqué. I've even added a bird house.  It is cute...

I then went back to last months Spring SAL and joined up the houses. I used the left over picket fences to join them and added some trees, a dog and then the lines for the quilts.. Hand stitching needs to be done but at least the row is now together...

Until next month.

Thanks Deana. Hope your life at the moment is travelling ok....


  1. You have a lot to keep you busy!

  2. gorgeous row Jo,
    the houses look great and those little quilts on the line are so cute. Glad there is a dog in the yard too to protect those quilts.

  3. Very furn rows. I really like your house row and the Sunbonnet Sue blocks are so cute.

  4. hi Jo - i have been looking for a block-of-the-month idea for my quilting guild and was led to your blog thru kate-life-in-pieces blog. would it be possible for me to get your house blocks (such a nice variety) and share them with about a dozen of our guild members - one per month for the next year.
    thank you.
    Janeen Rawson


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