Monday, 21 September 2015

A few more dishcloths

I made another 2 knitted dishcloths and gave them to my friend Keryn. I know she loves Christmas and I hope she enjoys using them..

Santa face dishcloth 
Xmas Tree and house dishcloth

2 more to add to my OPAM  & 1XiAM  linkups

Santa & Xmas tree dishcloths


  1. Hi Jo,oh these are very cute,Keryn would've loved these,you are so clever the patterns on them are lovely,well done xx

  2. Good to see you are getting your Christmas gifts underway.......mine are way, way behind

  3. Well I know first hand that she just LOVED them. I just think they are too beautiful to wash grubby dishes with. xx

  4. Love the Santa - very cute.
    I've got a special K one just for me 😊


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