Sunday, 20 September 2015


This is what I got up to on Saturday.
After a fun Friday night being spoilt by Keryn and her hubby, Ross. I was looking forward to an exciting sewing day. I awoke to the beautiful smell of scones baking... Oh so yummy.
To start my day I came out to the kitchen to see the table set ready for the group that was soon to arrive...
All ready for morning tea.

The table is setThe view out the window was of the cute lambs. Yes, even the naughty one that were in the septic paddock. But we were assured by Ross they wouldn't get in there. Luckily there were no dramas, no one had to jump fences or chase them..
Good morning sheep

In the septic paddock

The students have arrived. Lorraine, a friend of Keryns who doesn't like her photo taken, Annie, who didn't go in the naughty corner and Mel. Some great blogging friends...
Morning tea time....
Just look at our morning tea....

Now into the sewing room.
A lovely gift bag for us all
There was a greeting goodie bag with our sewing pattern, a fat quarter, Chrissy decoration for the tree, bag of lollies (my hubby enjoyed them) and what was need to make our SANTA NODDER.

Inside our goody bag 
The head is on and the hat is being done.
SANTA in progress

We sewed so hard it was time for lunch.
Mel  & Annie
Our beautiful lunch. 

A yummy Trifle

Keryn had us so organised that we were able to make an ELF NODDER too

Here are what we made.
Our days work

And the SNOWMAN NODDER I bought.
Santa, Snowman & Elf Nodder. Designed by Keryn

All day long we had this beautiful view of the sheep with their lambs...
Frolicking sheep with their lambs
Blogging friends. Mel, Jo, Annie
Thanks for a great day/night Keryn.
You are a fantastic host, great cook and excellent teacher.
Hopefully Keryn will be holding more classes soon. Book in when you see them. Spots will fill fast and they are so worth it. 
Go have a look at Keryns blog. See what she makes and what's up for sale.
Get in ready for Christmas 


  1. Hi Jo would have loved to join you lassies sounds like a great day regards lyn

  2. Looks like a super fun class.

  3. You had a great day! Love the decorations you made.

  4. Oh Wow So jealous
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos

  5. Morning Jo, was such a treat having you here. I know we worked so hard we really did need a big lunch to keep us going other wise there would have been no Elf.

  6. Wow Jo,they are so cute and I knew you would have so much fun,Thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  7. Oh! what lovely photos! inspiring and relaxing... well done girls... xo

  8. BEt you had the best day ..,,K is one gorgeous lady ��

  9. I love those Nodders!! They are all adorable. And what lovely meals you had as well as sweet companions. How fortunate you are to have those kinds of classes to attend.

  10. Oh wow! What a great weekend you must have had :o)
    I love those Nodders...
    Hugs xx


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