Friday, 22 April 2016


My resolutions this year was to finish some UFOs. Unfortunately I didn't get March's UFO done.there was just too much happening with hubby. I might get to it this month. I did manage to baste it ready for quilting though... Fingers crossed I can catch up.
Anyway this month I am to try and get something done on my Nearly Insane quilt.
Well, yes I have started.
I got the box out and I couldn't even remember what I have done.
Here is my chart of the blocks I have already completed. I started this with the Kilmore Quilters group back in Ocober 2013. I kept up until October 2014. Then my mum was put into hospital and my sewing time decreased. Unfortunately my mum passed away in March 2015 and I didn't do much sewing. So now I have decided to do some more on this quilt. Members from the group have finished and I will get there one day.
Here is where I was at... Half the blocks are done.
My plan and how many blocks I've done
 I thought I would get the blocks out and see what they look like.
Pieces and blocks laid out to see where I am up to.

 I decided to start sewing the quilt top together as I had already cut out the sashings and corner stones.
2 rows sewn together

 I sewed a few rows together and I am missing some ends. So the next step is to fill in the corners. I am happy so far with my progress . 3 side blocks need to be done before I go any further.
Waiting for some side blocks.
Nearly Insne


  1. Love what you've done on this quilt so far Jo. Gorgeous fabrics

  2. Hi Jo ,wow it looks great ,you will get it finished my friend,,each little bit helps ,enjoy your long weekend and see you soon my friend xx

  3. Looks a lot of work. Just take it slowly. Called "biting the elephant " I believe!

  4. Jo, what a great project to pick up again, I think that you have chosen a good way to pick it up again - sewing it up in rows will really inspire you to finish it now, I am sure.

  5. I love love love your color selection for this amazing quilt! You did have a lot going on back then and still managed to get a ton done. I love watching your quilt projects progress. You must be nearly insane to be doing that quilt along with Dear Jane.

  6. Your "Nearly Insane" quilt will look amazing when you have it finished..Worth all your work...

  7. I applaud you for even thinking of doing this quilt, it looks so complex. Good luck with your progress on it. Love the colours.

  8. Wow it's going to be gorgeous !!!

  9. The sashing really makes a difference! Thanks for sharing with us at Tuesday Archives this week!


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