Friday, 1 April 2016

April fools day

Is it a joke or isn't it. 3 months gone already..
I haven't quite finished my March UFO... No 7. Crossroads to Jerhico.
It is pieced and basted. The quilting has been started but not much has really been done. It was a busy month... So it will be a double catch up this month...
2016 UFO resolution list
This month I couldn't find the dice I have been using. Out come the deck of cards. UNO anyone.
They don't go to 12 so I substituted some for 10, 11 & 12.
Hubby drew the card.... NO.....6...  WORK ON MY NEARLY INSANE BLOCKS.
 That's ok. I am only half way through them. I have Dear Jane and the Splendid Sampler in progress so some more 6" blocks won't hurt. When I drag them all out to see where I am up to I'll get a photo.
Aprils UFO project is no. 6


  1. Hi Kiddo ,hope you didnt get sick going through the heads,i reckon you and your girl are sitting back sipping cocktails at the moment,have fun my friend and safe travels xx

  2. Your list is such a good idea....and the dice choice!

  3. LOL Jo you sound like me, lots of block projects to work on.......

  4. You have done very well this last month Jo getting things finished especially with Tony being unwell...good luck with things on the list this month.

  5. Jo, you are insane if you are doing Dear Jane and Nearly Insane together not to mention Splendid Sampler.

    I have opted not to do a UFO draw list this year. I am trying to quilt up tops because they are piling up. I do have a few UFOs that I hope to finish as well but not twelve.


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