Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Nursing home and AUSSIE HEROES

Ive been volunteering at a local nursing home. Helping Anne , the craft coordinator..
Yes, even around my chaos I have still fitted it in.
The residents have been fabulous.
They wanted to make a quilt for the Aussie Heroes.
I am helping them out. Making sure we get a quilt finished.. This is what's been happening.
We have some residents that just watch, some sort out colours of fabric and place squares where they need to be. We even had a lovely gentleman, Kevin, try his hand at rotary cutting. June was a whiz at the machine. I'm sure if she was driving would get a few speeding tickets. We laugh a bit too much I think. Then we have some other volunteers and Anne do the ironing and threading the needle when it's needed..
I will show you the progress of the next visit I make. They are doing a great job...
Kevin learning how to use a rotary cutter.

A Well planned session

June stitching away

Sorting out colours

Enjoying the time

JUNE  in speed mode


  1. You are a beautiful kind hearted lady Jo and I am proud to call you my friend ,you can see that they are all having a heap of fun,good on you Jo xx

  2. How do you fit all these things into your busy life, Jo? Marvellous idea, such a great way to get the nursing home residents busy, actively engaged in such a lovely colourful project. We all need time to interact with each other, learn new skills and laugh!

  3. What a wonderful thing to be doing Jo...that quilt will be done in no time with speedy June on the machine!!!

  4. Looks like everyone is enjoying the new learning experience while making a worthwhile project! Think they will continue to make more?

  5. wow how special.......amazing what one can do when they try.......my great Aunt still sewed until not long before she died.........

  6. You really are an amazing person Jo with so much going on in your life you still find time for others. We should all be more like you.xx

  7. Love that Kevin had a go with the cutter. What a great job you are doing and I'm sure the residents get a lot out of it. You are a truly special person and I am so gla that I know you. Take care

  8. Jo you are amazing. Kevin is doing well cutting and June will get those blocks sewn together in no time.look forward to seeing the residents progress.

  9. A wonderful example of your kind heart

  10. What a wonderful project for them. I am betting it brought them much joy.


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