Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Country Care Christmas & more Little Letters.

We had our work Xmas party at the beginning of December. 
They are a great family orientated business. 
They have supported me with my Aussie Hero quilts and put on a great night.
If you need mobility aids we are the company to go to. We also support out Veterans too.

This was our Christmas gift..
Thanks Rob & Rebecca

Next on to some sewing

I have the green blocks laid out so I can plan the cutting of the left over letters.

They are all cut out and ready for sewing. 
I am enjoying making these again..

I have been sewing them together. They are getting there..
Thanks Sheryl for this amazing cot quilt pattern. This will be my 5th quilt I have made using her pattern. Please take a look and give it a go...

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Cheryll said...

It’s going to be a fantastic quilt. LoVe it...
Merry Christmas xox