Thursday, 21 December 2017

A catch up on winnings

I have been to a few Xmas break ups and dinners..

First up was my local quilt group... My Kris Kringle game was a hit... Even better is that it worked and no one got the same parcel..
Here is the KK bag I won...

I was lucky enough to win a door prize. Here is a beautiful quilt kit to make..

Another night out and my tickets / name were drawn out 3 times. We kept 2 prizes but the third time we said to draw again. Sharing is good.
I chose this little pamper pack, just for me..... Just look at the home grown flowers my friend cut for me. 

And one for the family. A perfect hamper.

Sunday night I sat down and made these for my work colleagues.
Candy Cane Reindeers....

And the giving continues.


  1. So fun and so lucky!! I know you'll enjoy each and every one. Merry Holidays!

  2. What a great basket of goodies and some other nice bit there also - cute candy canes!

  3. Cute Candy canes. What is the Kris Kringle game?

  4. Congrats on your festive wins Jo. Lovely prizes x

  5. Love those candy cane reindeer. Very cute!

  6. Man, you were on a roll with all those wonderful prizes. Here in the states we just got our first snowfall of the season so it is hard to remember that other parts of the world have fresh cut flowers.

    I love your bag, kit and reindeer as well.

  7. You have done so well with winning prizes Jo!! Love the reindeer.

  8. Boy you are a lucky lady..Nice prizes and great to re draw the prize..
    Lovely KK gift..
    Cute Reindeer Candy canes for your work mates...

  9. Nice prizes and gifts. Love the reindeer candy canes.

  10. Boy, did you hit the jackpot! Your candy cane reindeer made me laugh 😜

  11. Lots of wonderful wins love the candy canes❤️🎄

  12. were lucky! Maybe you should go out and buy a lottery ticket. :)

  13. Great prizes...that bag looks very handy...enjoy the pamper pack and the hamper goodies...


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