Monday, 18 December 2017

What I was doing on Saturday...

I spent the morning doing the usual. Haircut, groceries, post office, Xmas shopping, lunch, cleaning then. SEWING, SEWING, SEWING......
I sewed some more little letters...

Then I printed Clue 4 of Bonnies mystery....
The rest of the night I was cutting, cutting and cutting some more. I got all the clues cut out. What a job.
 After all the trimming this is what mess I made...


  1. Great letter blocks you sewed...
    Boy you're good get ALL the cutting done ✅. I'm still working on clues 2, 3 and now 4

  2. THAT was alot of cutting...your letters are looking good! I especially curious to see the yellows when you are I like the idea of an alphabet quilt done in one color.

  3. That was a heap of cutting to do all at once. Makes you thankful for rotary cutters - imagine having to use scissors for all that!

  4. Cute letters! And good, what a lot of cutting!

  5. Is there no W? I am a long-time member of Bert's W Lovers' Club...
    Holy rotary, that was a cutting spree!

  6. W Lovers' case you're unfamiliar!


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