Sunday, 24 December 2017


We got to see the little grand daughters when we were in Melbourne. It was a very busy weekend with catch ups with many people. Didn't get photos. Was too busy.
Any way, here are the sweet little girls..

Look at this smile...

 Here is the Little Letters quilt I will be sharing next year with my quilt group.
Thanks to Sheryl for letting me share it.
It is such a great design.
If you want to make one go have a look here.

And here is my movie challenge quilt being used by the girls.

'Australia Day Swap' for 2018.

Head on over to Anthea's blog if you want to join in some fun. 
Sign-ups are open for the Australia Day Swap!

FIVE items are chosen & sent to your partner. They each must start with one letter from the word AUSTRALIA & at least one item must bear the Australian flag.
 Here's some ideas - have fun being as creative as you like: 
*A - Australian flag item such as serviettes, paper bunting, little cocktail glass flags/umbrellas
*U - utensil, utterly gorgeous lace
*S - seeds for flowers/herbs, stripey fabric, small sunscreen, sewing thread
*T - craft trims, tea towel (patriotic?), tape measure, tealight candle
*R - rubber bands, ribbon, red buttons, recipe
*A - aqua fabric, apple-print fabric, Australian Tea 
*L - lovely hand cream, lollies, liquorice
*I - infuser for tea leaves, ice cube tray, re-usable ice cubes, gel ice pack
*A - Australian fabric, apron, aloe gel
(for example, you might send items starting with A, I, L, R & T)
Label each item with the letter they represent & your own description of that - wrapping of individual items is senders choice.
All items may be purchased - no requirement to make anything. 
Please only send FIVE items - strictly no extras - this hopefully gives you enough scope to make this a fun swap, but keep postal costs reasonable.

Sign up will close on the 5th of January
Partner info will be sent out by the 8th 
Posting MUST be made on or before 15th January
You can open your parcel when you receive it, no need to wait until Australia Day.
(open to Australian participants only)

So Aussies if you want to join in some go sign up here.


Ellen said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful! So nice to see them enjoying your quilts. :)

kiwikid said...

So lovely to see your granddaughters using your quilts Jo, they both look amazing..the quilts and the granddaughters!! Can't do the swap this year, but it was fun last year.

Cheryll said...

The "girls" are beautiful and look like they LoVe the quilt.
Merry Christmas Jo... to you and all the family... xox

Christine M said...

Little cuties. Merry Christmas Jo. xx

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos - the quilts photograph well, the little girls even better!
Happy Christmas.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What fun little models you have on those quilt!! Merry Christmas!

dq said...

What a sweet sweet post with your grand babies. They are adoreable, and what better place to photograph them then on quilts you made.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Little cuties, how lovely to see them enjoying your quilts...

Maria said...

Lovely photo of the cute little girls enjoying the quilt...