Saturday, 9 December 2017

Kris Kringle booklets

I have had fun making these little booklets for our Kris Kringle night.
The booklets, tags, numbers and story is all ready. We just have to wait for the night next week...
Here they all are laid out ready to be paired up with their numbers.

The front cover was decorated with either a poinsettia or a folded doily Xmas tree.

Here we have a page for a welcome greeting.

And the little pocket where the tree tag sits. Showing you your lucky number

Our little message

The back cover

And all this is made from just one piece of A4 paper.
Thanks to Asami for showing me this many years ago. 


  1. Fantastic booklets and great Christmas tree lucky No. slipped inside..
    Well done ladies...

  2. Brilliant Jo, a fantastic piece of work.

  3. I love your little Kris Kringle booklets. Your group will be thrilled! Such a great idea. Well done, Jo.

  4. Clever little booklets from an A4 idea...


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