Tuesday, 5 December 2017

My Classic Movie Challenge

I am all set to hand in my movie challenge.
I have finished the top and am happy with it.
I have even included the words to Return to Sender by Elvis Presley.. it was one of my mums favourites
I struggled with the last month as I couldn't make up my mind. In the end I went with my original idea .. National Velvet.. thinking horses and winning and regal/royal. I decided on Grandmas Braid. In Red, white and blue. The red and blue are actually Velvet fabric too. The way I did the colours create the bottom border.
 You can see the envelopes with a letter inside & some with the message.. Return to Sender.

Now for it quilted and bound.
I haven't taken a photo yet but will some of all the other entries and do a post next week..
I can't wait to see all the other entries..


  1. Your movie challenge Quilt looks great.. I would find it a very hard quilt to make..

  2. What a clever quilt, Jo. Good luck!

  3. Wow it looks wonderful so much to look at.

  4. Very interesting challenge and your quilt is amazing . I loved National Velvet as a young girl and didn't everyone love Elvis ❤

  5. LOVE this quilt! It's like scrapbooking with fabric!!

  6. Looks great Jo! I am looking forward to seeing it all finished as well as photos of the other entries.

  7. Great challenge Jo, your quiit top is amazing, looking forward to seeing it quilted.

  8. That sounds like such a fun challenge! I love it!


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