Saturday, 11 June 2016

More Splendid Samplers

Now here we go with a great catch up of all my Splendid Sampler blocks. There has been great variety with making these. There has been a lot of different techniques and tips along the way...
I am having fun making these blocks. I am using my scraps. Whatever is worked on that week is the fabrics I use in the blocks..

Block 30.... Splendid Sampler

Block 19... Splendid Sampler

Block 33..  Splendid Sampler
I had fun working with all these selvedges. They make me laugh but there will never be a quilt made with them...
No. 29.. Splendid Sampler
No 25.. Splendid Sampler 

No. 27... Splendid Sampler


  1. Personally I can't see the point of selvage quilts! Your blocks is lovely but I can understand that you won't be making a selvage quilt! Love the jolly rabbit and the sewing machine - they are beautifully made.

  2. Hi my lovely friend,I always love seeing your blocks,they are all beautiful,well done Jo,I forgot to ask you are you back home yet xx

  3. Wow! Love them all - especially #27....

  4. Beautiful blocks Jo, the rabbit is very cute.

  5. Beautiful blocks Jo! I have a little catching up to do.

  6. They are looking really good

  7. Great catch up Jo, love your blocks. Like the idea that you are making them from what you are currently working on.

  8. Oh all your SS blocks look great...


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