Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A finish, some pain, a visit with my brother & another project started

My day started out with the usual cleaning, gardening pruning, packing, knitting, Drs visit and exercising. I have done a fair bit today and am exhausted....
After the usual housework I pruned my rhubarb plant for my brother. Both the stalks to be cooked and the roots to be replanted. (No photos, hopefully if he cooks them or puts the plant in the ground I can get one then).  After that I went to the podiatrist. I had a procedure done on my foot. Acupuncture, actually, the correct name is called dry needling... OUCH.... it hurt.. A very different pain...
Let's see if this helps. (OOPS, NO PHOTO AGAIN)
Off for a visit to my brothers.
Yes she liked the fluffy jumper and beanie I had finished too.
I delivered a repaired knitted jumper my SIL had made for her son about 20 years ago...
What a cute jumper

It had a few holes in it. 
There were 5 holes to patch

I haven't had to do this kind of repair before. Yes, you can see where I have fixed it but it is better than a hole.. 
A great keepsake...
You can can see the patches.. It was hard matching the yarn...

Then to keep me busy I have sewed up the knitted jumper that I have finished knitting. 
My SIL started the jumper. Not enough wool to finish so I used what was in the bag to get something done... It went from 

2 completed backs & 1 started of a child's size jumper.
I have found a pattern to fit the size started to match the back.

TOO thisssss
A finished jumper for an 8-10 year old...
After a lovely dinner cooked for us. A roast chicken, stuffed and marinated, salad and chips.
My evening was then exercising my foot..
Firstly rolling on an iced bottle for 10 minutes 
The strapping makes a difference.
Boy that bottle is cold..
My ice roll. Yep a 600 ml water bottle that has been frozen
Then on a ball for 10 minutes..
The rubber ball pressure. I burst another tennis ball.
The icing makes me able to put more pressure on the small tennis ball  and I burst another one

With my foot strapped and after the acupuncture it did not hurt as much as every other time.
I have been doing this for over a month now.
I first hurt my foot back at the end of Febuary. Been on anti inflammatory tablets, pain killers, limited walking.
3 minutes 4 times a day... Oh that's not much..
My foot is slowly getting better. The swelling is going down and I can start the day off walking normally... It is a start to a better day on my feet.
Hopefully in the near future I can get back into walking my 6 kms every day to make me feel better.
It's a slow process.


  1. Hi Jo hope you have a lovely time with your brother and SIL ,boy you are a quick knitter and the mended jumper came up great,have fun with Lyn on Friday xx

  2. Oops I forgot to say I hope your foot is finally improving ,you have been through a lot with it ,take care xx

  3. Crickey, what a busy post. Good luck with continuing to improve your foot with all the treatments. I love the red and navy jumper, whoever receives it will be very lucky. Extremely impressed with the repairs on the motorbike jumper! You seem to have fitted an amazing amount into one day.

  4. Oh I remember knitting a jumper like that many years ago, nice you could fix it...
    Great finish for the jumper too.
    Oh that foot sure looks very saw... Do hope it gets better soon.

  5. Wow, you are a magician repairing the sweater...I'm sorry your foot has been so painful. Hopefully you'll be back to your old self soon...

  6. You have been so busy Jo, you did a wonderful repair job on the jumper and the other on you finished looks amazing. Good to hear your foot is slowly improving, I hope you have a wonderful visit with your brother.

  7. Loved seeing what you gave been up to Jo sincerely hope you foot improves quickly

  8. whats the matter with your foot???
    I have some troubles of late too........very frustrating.........a good walk is great for you......

  9. Hope that foot gets better soon Jo. Great hob of finishing off that lovely jumper

  10. The foot looks so sore, nice to hear it is improving. Wow lovely jumpers and great repair work !!


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