Monday, 27 June 2016

I like these finishes....

First up is the jumper I showed earlierr in the week. I managed to spread the wool enough to get it finished. It looks good too.
Size 26"

I went to work on my X stitches on Friday night and finished the 3 of them. Boy I get into a mess when I use glue...

The Xmas music book decorations in progress
X Stitch Song Book

Carol Singer song book
Santa in his hoop
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  1. You have been busy Jo, the jumper looks wonderland, great use of the wool you had. Decorations look long as you didn't glue anything to your leg all is good!! lol!!

  2. Good morning my lovely friend,the jumper turned out great and love your xmas decorations,hey why dont you use double sided tape instead of glue a lot less messier Jo.
    I love all your finishes ,you sure arent sitting idle,how is your foot going Jo ? .....

  3. You sure know how to keep busy. Hope the ankle is improving.

  4. Love all your finishes. The jumper is fabulous!

  5. Great work on the little jumper!
    Your cross stitching decorations look gorgeous

  6. Love all your finishes! Looking' good!

  7. Great finishes Jo... Sew productive...

  8. Thank you for sharing you Great finishes. Your sweater is amazing and I love your Christmas finishes.

  9. Love the Christmas song pieces, where did you get the patterns?

  10. You have such a lovely assortment of finishes. Your little cardigan is beautiful. I;m a Christmas stitcher, so I do love those ornaments, and you have finished them so nicely.


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