Saturday, 25 June 2016

On to the knitting again

I haven't done much sewing. I started on my HEXIES Splendid Sampler block.
All prepared ready to go....

I did get started .. 3/8" hexies 

A little bit of secret sewing so here is my knitting...
Here is another back that was started by my SIL.
This is a size 25 1/2" jumper..
The back and the spare wool.

 There is not enough wool to do the main colour so I have altered it for the front. The sleeves I will do the same as the back..
The front


  1. Hi Jo boy you are productive loved seeing what you have been up to.

  2. Hi my lovely friend,wow can't keep a good woman down,you sure have been productive and so lovely of Kristy to take you to your sewing day,enjoy your evening Jo .....

  3. You are making good use of your recovery time Jo xx

  4. You do a great job of finishes the jumpers. Someone will be happy to have them....
    I have also started on the tiny SS hexies.....

  5. You're making great progress on so many projects! Well done, Jo!

  6. What a brilliant jumper! You are very clever to be able to adapt patterns to suit your limited amounts of wool. Excellent!

  7. Great work Jo, will be a gorgeous jumper.

  8. You are a woman of many talents. I have started with the first project for you too. No pics though!


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