Sunday, 19 June 2016

keeping busy....

THANKYOU to all my quilting and blogging friends, family friends, daughter and husband for all your help and support.
Hubby is doing a great job of looking after me.....

I finished knitting a baby cardigan and started working on another kids knitted jumper of my SILs yesterday. 2 jumpers still need buttons.
This is what I have started today... 
My X stitch started...
 This is what I am copying. I saw it on Pinterest and went to the blog. There were no instructions only a photo. I'm not sure what I will turn it into though.. I'm just sitting stitching..
A link to Pinterest 
And to the blog


  1. Cute as Jo glad hubby is taking good care of you regards lyn

  2. Love the fact DH is taking such good care of you....and you're getting some stitching done. I'm interested in seeing how you finish it off.

  3. Sew nice hubby is taking care of you...
    Oh that Xstitching is sew cute and will be a beautiful Christmas ornament.....
    Take care and keep knitting....😘

  4. Hi Jo glad to see you aren't bored your deco is gorgeous,you are very clever ,keep resting and I hope you aren't in to much pain,you have a wonderful family there Jo,glad you are being taken care off :)

  5. So thankful you have a dear husband caring for you. Love your little cross-stitch project.

  6. Oh Jo you poor thing, I'm sorry to see your plaster! Bless your hubby for his love & attention, it's always a bit different when a spouse gets thrown into a role they're not used to!

  7. Such a cute stitchery, and stitching without a pattern... good luck!
    Take good care!


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