Sunday, 5 June 2016


Last week I spent 2 days sorting out 4 suitcases of my mums knitting books. I got them down to 1 shelf in my bookcase. This is the amount of what I kept.
I have offered all the other books to as many friends as I can. I know so many ladies make for charity. So what goes around  comes around.
Thanks MUM.
I will get a lot of use out of these patters.
Some are pre 1966
So I have searched them to work on my SILs unfinished knitting projects...
These are what I found in the box.. 
2 backs knitted & another one started.
 I think I can get 2 completed jumpers out of this pile...
Here is one of the kids jumpers. 
While  I have been away I started knitting the front. The back was already done....
I thought I would do stripes on the front and sleeves...
Remember my SILs white jumper.
Here is what my SIL had knitted.
The yarn I started with. All I have left is the small bit of the White/cream
Well I got it finished and with the leftovers I made a beanie...

At the same time I got finished a SPLENDID SAMPLER BLOCK. I loved these green fabrics. 
No. 28 Splendid Sampler

And have started No. 31... Using Cottage Garden Threads. RUSTY GATE 507.
I didn't want to worry about changing colours....
No. 31. Splendid Sampler

Have a look at what everyone else got up to...


  1. Good morning my lovely friend ,wow the jumper and little beanie you knitted look fantastic and boy didnt take you long to knit and i am loving the red and grey together,well done with finishing these.
    Wow i love your dress block it looks awesome,you are so clever Jo ,you can do so many craft and sewing things,enjoy another day of sewing my friend :)

  2. I love the way you are combining the dresses with the needle and thread. The hand stitching is the PERFECT added touch!!

  3. I am sure your Mum's patterns will go to good homes.
    What a fabulous job you are doing finishing the jumpers..
    Your PP Dress looks great and what a good idea to use one thread.. I am having to get changing..

  4. I can't believe how quickly you work! The jumper and beanie are super. Will they fit one of your family members? In the UK, many, many years ago there was a TV advert for a kitchen cleaner and it said it worked like "a white tornado" as it zipped through the cleaning jobs. It was depicted by a white flashing tornado figure, like you would see in a child's comic. My eldest sister has always worked at a terrific rate of knots and her husband christened her "The White Tornado". I am passing on the title to you, Jo!

  5. Definitely a white tornado, Jo. Love the jumper, it looks fantastic.

  6. Man, you are a Wonder Woman is n the flesh! Really creating lots of beautiful things.

  7. Wow what great job you're doing with the knitting Jo... your No29 block looks like it was fiddly to piece but it's oh-so dainty!

  8. Wonderful work Jo, what a lot of patterns to hunt through. Great knitting and pretty block and stitching.

  9. Love the jumper and the dresses wow !!!

  10. Wonderful effort with the jumpers Jo. Your block is stunning. Hope you find homes for the patterns.

  11. wow you did so well to condense that sure kept busy over the weekend.....

  12. Thank you Jo, as I have some of your Mums pattern books.Very productive weekend.

  13. A busy weekend....that's a lot of sorting and knitting :-) Your SS block is lovely - and a good start to your next one - I like to use a CGT too, to save having to think about colours!

  14. Some lovely work happening at your place.

  15. Wow! That is some stash of knitting patterns you have there Jo. Bet there are loads of lovely things in there just begging for you to get out your needles. You knitting is beautiful and it's a real talent to be able to create something new out of bits and pieces of leftover wool. I'm sooo impressed. Love your Splendid Sampler block and the embroidery too. You had a super busy weekend. Keep on having fun....xxxx


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