Friday, 17 June 2016

What a week......

I just don't think luck is on my side this year.
My hubby is doing well, I thought my foot was slowly easing... Haha.
Well, I put a stop to that. 
Monday night I rolled my ankle, yes the sore one, and fell. Now I have a fractured ankle..
After a Drs visit, X-rays and then a trip to the hospital I came home with a half cast on.
The plaster only covered the underneath side of my leg until the swelling went down a bit.
My neighbour brought over some beautiful flowers.
Flowers from Noel

Back to the hospital today. 
Emergency waiting room

I went from this.......
Half cast waiting in Emergency
To this.....
Lovely GREEN full cast

I have to go to the fracture clinic at the Northern Hospital next week, if I can get an appointment, to see what they say...
Meanwhile I have knitted another jumper for my SIL. Oops a photo will come tomorrow... And have been working on my Xmas X stitches..
Xmas Carols

A little Xmas tree

 I have also joined in with the No Fuss Swappers again. This time it is. CLAYTONS XMAS.

I am linking up tonight with Wendy for FNSI

Have a look here for some great work by other X stitchers 


  1. Oh me, oh my! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope your road to recovery is speedy. Take care,

  2. You take care Jo and a speedy recovery xx

  3. Oh dear my lovely friend you haven't had a good start to this half of the year. Let's hope the second half is better.
    Hope your ankle heals fast my friend as you have a busy couple of months coming up love those flowers Noel bought for you,such a lovely thing to do. Xx

  4. So sorry the cast is getting bigger. Do take care. Glad you are able to stitch and knit.

  5. Oh no, Jo! That hurts! But your husband is feeling better and you have a sweet neighbor. If it's not one thing it's another. Feel better soon, and happy healing.

  6. You poor girl The upside is you will have plenty of stitching time
    Take care

  7. Bugger bugger bugger...... More knitting stitching time? Need that leg resting to heal.....

  8. Hi Jo, the best thing about a full cast will keep your leg still for the healing process, wish you a speedy recovery.....when I fractured my leg a while back I managed to make Viv Robinsons stitchery Christmas quilt. Hugs Lyn

  9. The things our body does to us to tell us to slow down!!! Hope it all heals quickly but enjoy the resting time to knit and cross stitch and we will get you into embroidery as well. xxx

  10. Take care, Jo . Rest up and I am sure you will get lots done in the craft dept.

  11. Oh no Jo! Do hope it doesn't take too long to heal...
    What beautiful flowers from your Nieghbour...
    Enjoy your Xstitching....

  12. Oh! What a bummer on the ankle. I'm sure you'll get a lot of stitching done but it does put a kink in your plans. Lovely lilies

  13. Lovely green plaster...not that that helps I guess!!! Beautiful flowers from your neighbour. Good luck with the hospital more bad luck for you from now on, enough already!!!!! Lovely stitcheries Jo.

  14. I wish you speedy recovery. Hope the bad luck is done and the second half of this year will be pleasant. You have a very nice neighbour with lovely flowers in her garden. Enjoy! Those x-stitches are beautiful. They will probably multiply very fast in the next few weeks. Sending prayers your way. ;^)

  15. Ouch! I'm pretty sure you are supposed to completely heal from one injury before you go getting another one! Your Christmas XS is so cute!

  16. Oh my goodness! You are in the wars. How frustrating! Love your pretty cheerful flowers and lovely cross stitch. Take care xx

  17. Oh dear that does look awkward. Look after yourself.

  18. O golly, that will slow you down a little bit - hope it heals quickly and well. Your cross stitches are lovely :-)

  19. Hope your foot heals quickly, Jo. Look on the bright side. You'll just have to rest your leg and do lots of stitching!

  20. Oh no, Jo, that is no fun. I hope that it heals very quickly but as Christine said - lots of stitching in your future!

  21. Poor thing. Cool colour for the plaster though. Your son's favourite right? Yeah, I am reading through your blog :D


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