Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Just to keep all you lovely people out there updated with my progress...
Well, we headed off early to the hospital today for a check up. Expecting to be there for quite a while.  
We arrived at 8.30 for my first appointment. X-rays....
By the time my hubby booked me in, found a wheelchair (I'm no good at these crutches), got me out of the car, parked the car and got me inside. It was time to be called in .. NO WAITING.
Back around to reception A to see the Dr.. Yep all is healing well.
Go and have the cast off
The renovator cutter is about to cut the cast open

The cast being cut through

The bruising and swelling has gone down after 2 weeks

The new cast is put on...
Wrapping my foot/leg with the plaster mesh

And then X-rays again.....
Back in to see the Dr...   All is good. See you in 4 weeks....
All of this only took 2 hours. So we were home for lunch. Then a sleep.  
I am very happy that my ankle is healing well and I don't need to have it pinned. That's a relief...
My new purple cast for 4 weeks

4 more weeks of stitching, resting, knitting and crochet....
Hope to get heaps done...


  1. Very pleased to hear your leg is healing nicely. You must have felt very relieved.

  2. Glad to hear you are healing nicely. Pretty purple this time. I'm not very good at using crutches either. I think I'll hurt myself more if I have to use them again. Happy healing.

  3. Glad to hear your leg is healing well...

  4. Hi Jo so glad it is all going well and that you didnt have to wait very long ...

  5. Hi Jo, glad you are healing quickly, enjoy your enforced rest.

  6. Glad that it's going well! I love your choices of cast colors--making the best of it.

  7. Great pics...I always cringe when they use that saw!! GRRRR....Augh four weeks seems like forever huh! Hang in there! So glad things are healing so well.

  8. Love the new cast and am blown away by the northern hospital clinic. Usually it is almost an all day thing for an 8.30 appt. the bruising looks impressive too!

  9. Good news! Healing and stitching.....great combination.

  10. Sew good your ankle is healing well and it didn't take all day to have your cast changed...
    Happy stitching, crocheting and knitting...
    Do you do embroidery ??

  11. Oh very lovely purple there Jo... great to hear you're healing well!

  12. So good to hear your ankle is healing the new purple cast!! Sounds like the hospital was reasanably effiecient too which was great not too much hanging around.

  13. That is good news Jo. Here's to continued healing. Very groovy cast there xx

  14. mmmmm, nice collor from your plastercast and i like your cute sexy toes xxxx.


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