Tuesday, 7 June 2016

DIANELLA Retirement Village Aussie Hero quilt...

Here are the residents of the home working on the quilt....

This is now ready to be posted...
The request was for Aqua, Southern Cross & Australian flag.

 AUSTRALIAN FLAG on the back of the quilt.  

Because the quilt was done before we got the recipient I appliqued the southern cross on and added and Australian flag into the backing. Then I bound it with pretty Aqua fabric...

This 2nd quilt request was for purple, minions and mad hatter.. I have added them all..
I'm sure the residents will be happy with it. Looking at these photos I know they are very happy...

Purple, Minions and Mad Hatter 
Aqua, Southern Cross and Australian Flag.
Showing off the Australian Flag on the back.
Quilts all boxed and ready to post.
A lovely THANKYOU bunch of flowers and a hand made card...


  1. Hi my lovely friend,wow what a lovely happy post,both the quilts look fantastic ,they have done a wonderful job and it's so kind of you to help them,it was a lovely thing for you all to do,and how lovely is your flowers and card,well done everyone :)

  2. Bet they loved working on the quilt. They both look amazing Jo

  3. Those quilts are fabulous! No wonder the residents enjoyed making them and were delighted with the results. Did you machine quilt them too?

  4. You are such a giving person Jo. Not only will the recipients of the quilts enjoy them but you have given the residents ' a purpose in life' and an activity to look forward to. What gorgeous flowers and card - you deserve them.x xxx

  5. Such a giving and thoughtful gesture by all well done

  6. The residents all look very happy Jo, well done, great idea to involve them in the Aussie Quilts! The recipients will be very happy!! Beautiful flowers and card.

  7. Oh Jo....what a wonderful teaching time! And their quilts are just wonderful too! you post touched my heart. Thanks for rejuvinating it at Tuesday Archives this week. :)


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