Monday, 14 November 2016

And now the storm damage

We left the camp and headed home. On the way we stopped to see if Maxine's mum was ok. The town she lived in, Merbein, was a mess.
Everything was hit hard. It is a very windy day still.
It was 35c on Friday and Saturday was low 20's..

Buildings damaged... what a mess.

The ROOF had come off on the third building in. It landed on a little house at the back of the second building.
A man crawled out from under the rubble.
The back of the news agency was taken out too. It all collapsed. 

Trees were uprooted.
Power was out for about 24 hours. The amount of debri around was gobsmacking.
Keep going to Mildura and what a mess. Nearly every street had trees down or at least branches all over the ground. Lots of houses had trees on their roofs. It's going to take a bit of time to clean up..
The road is blocked off because the Murray level is too high. It is covering the walking paths

Looking through the gates. Trees are down here too

Trees uprooted in the carpark. 

 Trees are down over the playground 

The view of the wharf with the Murray up high.
The Paddle steamers leave from this wharf. There is a lower level for when the Murray river is low.
Well that's not now. It is high and you can't see the lower wharf at all. 

The dockside cafe is slowly going under water.
There is a lower deck where you can sit when the water isn't high.
One day later the level has risen and you can't see the wall. The water is half way up the grass section. 


  1. Oh my....lots of damage, lots of work to get things back to normal. Sending love and best wishes.

  2. Yikes - that's a lot of damage. Glad you only had the power out at your quilt away and some hail damage. That was quite the storm!

  3. So much damage! Glad that everyone is ok. Gum trees are terrible in the wind, it's amazing that more people arent killed by them.

  4. Pretty shocking, I feel so sorry for everyone must have been really scary

  5. Wow, that's a lot of damage. High winds? Glad you weren't injured!

  6. That was some storm. Hope all well with your place. Take care

  7. What a mess! Hope no one was hurt. How has your house fared?


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