Thursday, 3 November 2016

Xmas Wreath...

Our Tuesday night workshop.
Xmas wreath candle mat....
I have been wanting to make one of these for a little while. I had seen a lot of them on Pinterest so I was happy to see how they were made. I didn't make mine on the night but did so a few days later.

The mat is finished

 Non the less, it is finished and I love it....

My candle holder fits perfect

 My sewing group I am with are preparing for their Xmas gathering. For our Kris Kringle we are to make a shoe bag. This is what I have come up with...
Shoe Bag

I'm linking up with Vals Tuesday Archives.....


  1. Both projects are great. Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up next time you are in Melbourne...haven't seen you in ages. I miss you.

  2. Your projects are so cute! Especially liking the wreath ♥

  3. Love the shoe bag but that candle mat is amazing

  4. Oh I especially like the rik rac!! Both are adorable projects!


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