Friday, 11 November 2016

Nicholas' knitting

Remember a while ago I started out with this odd yarn.
What can I do with this mess

I started knitting this....
I started with this design

I finished the jumper
A lovely striped jumper

and made some beanies as well.
Beanies with the leftovers
 It's amazing what you can make with scraps. I wonder which beanie Nicholas will like best...
Nicholas' jumper and beanies.


  1. Hi jo love what you have knitted gorgeous

  2. Super striped sweater. Not seen stripes knitted like this before ( with the little pointed stitches) so no idea how you achieved that particular look. I should think Nicholas will be delighted and spoilt for choice as to which beanie he could wear!

  3. Your jumper is so gorgeous Jo and as are your lovely beanies

  4. I love the striped sweater!!

  5. Oh my - what wonderful knitting. You ROCK!

  6. Such a fabulous jumper and beanies you knitted from the scraps... I used to do the pattern , looks like little rabbit ears.

  7. This is a great use of small yarn quantities. Love the design you have come up with.

  8. Great result Jo - from those bits & pieces came a cosy jumper & some fab headgear! Clever you are!

  9. Looks fantastic Jo, great use of the bits you had. I am sure it will be loved, Nicholas might like all the beanies!!


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