Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sundays damage

There were so many photos around I went for a drive to look myself. Every street had some damage. All the emergency services, people with chainsaws, trailers and anything else to help were out and about. It's still a very windy day but so much cooler. Only 17c.  That's cold for here I've been told...
The local school on San Mateo Ave.  So lucky it was after hours and there were no kids around.
Every corner of the school had trees down. A big working bee is needed there.

A house on Twelth st 

A block of units around the corner.
There are cars still parked out the back. Just waiting for the tree to be cut down.


  1. Isn't t amazing how powerful the wind can be? Very humbling.

  2. So sorry about all the damage ☺♥

  3. Could you remind me of the type of trees that are all knocked over...I knew once. They appear to have a very small root ball, like the palm trees in Florida that were always falling over in hurricanes. I hope all the damage is cleared up soon!

  4. The power of nature can be so scary. It is great to see how a community rallies to clean up.

  5. Oh my goodness! You really copped it there. So glad you were unharmed. Scary stuff Jo x

  6. It is amazing how the gum trees go over, thank goodness none are near your house.


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