Sunday, 20 November 2016


I have been reading over at Liz's blog that it is ORGAN donors THANKYOU DAY.
This is some thing that is so close to my heart. Liz and I are on opposite sides to the story...
my sons organs were donated and he saved 6 lives as well as some organs going for research and future transplants.
Yes, this is an extremely hard decision to make at such a traumatic time. It still makes me tear up when I talk or write about it. Liz and I have had many conversations about it. This is how we became friends and as it turned out we actually were in the same quilt group. We lived an hour away from each other. There are many other reasons we talk. It is so good to hear Lizs good news all the time and it makes our decision all the more worthwhile.
As much as it is very hard for us all the time to think of it is still good to hear the good stories and why we did it. If ever you have the heart to do so please consider being a donor. Yes, you lose someone you love. BUT they will be gone and to help someone that desperately needs it is well worth it.

We also had a family member the same year receive a kidney. Luckily his mother was compatabile and healthy enough to donate a kidney. This made us think that if she wasn't there who would be. That could have been someone else we would have lost. Just to see the change in him and his life is amazing.

Please consider registering for organ donation. It might not help you but it might save someone you love.

This is how my daughter dealt with it. This is her story.
Please have a read to see what we go through..

4 years this week and is still as hard as the day it happened.
The pixelation quilt I made of my Son for our wall.
We love and miss you John but you saved so many. We are very proud of you....
JOHN our beautiful boy


  1. donation is a difficult decision but how good to know John has helped others...Hugs XXX

  2. What a touching post, dear friend. My heart goes out to you and others who are faced with such decisions. May you have been blessed a thousand fold since then.

  3. Beautiful ........both my husband and I are on the donor register.xx

  4. Very very hard decision to have to make Jo and at such a difficult time, but helping others is wonderful. I am a donor too. I think it is important to have this organised so those very difficult decisions are already made.

  5. Jo. There are no words....such a traumatic event! Your courage at an horrendous time has saved lives. Hugs xxx

  6. He was a beautiful person. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It's on my driver's license that I wish to be a donor.

  7. Thanks for this post Jo. So beautifully written and John's organs saved so many. The loss of our boys will never go away so sending hugs to you in this tough week. I for one will be glad when it is over.Take care

  8. It IS such a wonderful thing to do... and one that can never be truly thanked for...

  9. oh big hugs across the Tasman sea to you Jo. What a courageous person you are and your son lives on in others. xo

  10. Dear Jo. I am thinking of you, Tony and all your family on this very difficult anniversary. John has helped so many other people and I'm glad that has given you all some comfort.

  11. In the USA I don't know that it's quite a "registry" but we do have a red heart on our driver's license if we wish to donate. My heart has been there a long time!! I'm so glad the loss of John was eased by donating his organs. I'm the receiving families are grateful beyond words.

  12. Your post literally brought tears to my eyes Jo. God Bless all of you. I agree with everyone else here....that there is truly comfort knowing that in your time of loss you found the strength to donate his organs, thus creating life for others. HUGS!!

    1. PS My husband and I are both on the organ donor list.


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