Saturday, 5 November 2016

I had a busy clean up and sort out today.

After our move and all my fabric just put in the spare room it was time I went through and see what I actually had. With my husband out of work for 9 months I haven't spent anything. Just been using what I have... and boy do I have a lot to use. I shouldn't buy anything for years...
It was a shock to actually see what was there. I measured all my bigger pices. Anything bigger than 1 metre got a ticket on it....
I started with my basted quilts. 3 of them are ready for quilting.
Basted quilts ready for quilting.
Look what's on top. An Aussie Hero quilt

Then there is a pile of 6 that have been matched with backings and waddings....
Each week I will take one of these to my local group.
They have a great space and I will have these basted in no time...

Now for some fabric.
These are only wide backe fabrics. They range from 2.40 - 2.70 metres.
OMG THERE IS 40 metres in this pile....
The extra width fabric for backings makes it so much easier to work with

I have started to make piles in different lengths here on the floor.

How many piles will I end up with

Look at what I have to get through.
Look at this pile. Oops, I didn't know I had so much

Now they are all done. Each pile is in the range of 1 metre. The first pile is 1 metre and it goes up to 9 metres. The last pile is 14 metres. Great for borders and backings too.
OMG.... IT TOTALS A WHOPPING   241.80 metres......

All folded and labelled

Here it is all boxed and labelled.
Fabrics from 1-3 metres, 3-5 metres & 5 + metres...

And that's not all. I have got lots of tubs with scraps of fabrics less than 1 metre.

Colour themed boxes of scraps. Less than 1 metre

Boxes with themed fabrics

Tubs with BOM,s and kits.

And other projects.....
QAYG BOM & Fairies in my Garden BOM from years ago

Another outstanding workshop project. Sorry Andrea..

BOM purchased years ago

Themed fabrics and projects still to be done


  1. Wow, some great discoveries there and yes I don't think you will need to go fabric shopping for quite awhile.

  2. OMG Jo. You could open your fabrics shop.....

  3. Looks like you took full advantage of your move to inventory and organize. LOVE then ending quote!

  4. Well done to have all your fabric sorted, amazing how much there is when you take stock. You have lots to create with now.

  5. Oh my goodness. What an accomplishment....and what a treasure trove of fabrics!

  6. A job well done , know you are much more aware of what you have and how much of each. I should do the same thing but it might scare me lol .

  7. WoW Jo you will be so organised that you will fly through your sewing now.
    I bet it feels gOOd too... xox

  8. Wow and wow, no need for fabric shopping lots to keep you busy and interested.

  9. Wow. At least when you see an idea you like you wont have to go shopping for the fabric!

  10. Goodness me, what a busy day you had! I am amazed at all your fabric. It's a good idea to buy several metres, especially the extra wide fabrics for backings. I never do this. 3 metres is the most I ever buy and then wish I had got more because I end up piecing backings which I often like the look of but get fed up trying to make a piece of backing large enough when all I want to do is get the quilt basted! I love your storage system and impressed your sewing room is large enough to house it all. Good luck with basting and finishing the pile of quilt tops. Good idea to get the batting and backing sorted out and matched with its intended quilt top.

  11. Cor blimey! A sort like that when we move is what scares me - I love having a good sort though - very therapeutic and it's really nice to not have to buy big amounts for backing or backgrounds and have them there for when quilting inspires at odd times. Congratulations for completing a big job! Andrea xxx

  12. Oh, wow, wow, wow!!! Don't you love that it is all neatly organized now since the move? How fun!

  13. You've made me really want to get around to labeling everything! Admirable setup 😍

  14. I'm visiting from the Tuesday archives. Your system is very organized and well labeled! I had to laugh when you actually measured everything and got such a big number!!


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