Monday, 7 November 2016

Secret sewing for Cassie

I have been working on a few special gifts for Cassie.
We  are in the SSS 16.   Secret Santa Swap 16.
We need to make each other 5 gifts and a Santa sack, bag, stocking or tote.... they are well on their way...
Here is a sneak peek. Some are blurry, some are only bits. Have a guess to see if you know what I am up to...
Gift 1

Gift 1

Gift 2

Gift 3

Gift 4

Gift 5

Gift 6

Gift 7


  1. Don't know where the Hu came from

  2. Ok, so I might be a bit naughty here and am looking intently over this post. Haha. I cant wait! I will send off yours today. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as me.


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