Saturday, 19 November 2016

October DEAR JANE blocks are done

I have spent the day doing my Dear Jane blocks for the month.
They were handed out in October and the next ones are on their way.
Anyway, I am up to date.....
I had a bad day with my blocks,. My head wasn't thinking. I got there in the end. They are made and, yes, they have added borders. I can live with that......

This block went together really well or so I thought. When it was finished and I went to trim up it was too small. I am not redoing it. The next best thing is to add another border.
Dear Jane. K 9
 I had trouble with this block. It looks easy and I thought I would have no trouble. But, I was wrong.
It is different to the book but it's staying that way.... WONKY, odd and extra border.
Oh well. It is my quilt.....
Dear Jane. E 7

This block is very WONKY. Came out too small so I just added a border. I am happy.
Dear Jane. A 11

 This block actually worked ok. It is the same as the original not the pattern in the book.
Dear Jane G7


  1. They sure look good to me 😀

  2. I read a while ago that quilting is all about problem solving. Looks like you've solved the problems you had with the blocks beautifully. Wonky is just as good, and more fun, than perfectly perfect. Enjoy your continued sewing!
    Wendy @ September Violets

  3. Great blocks Jo, they all look good to me, adding the extra border looks like part of the block.

  4. The extra borders is a perfect solution , looks like it was meant to be that way. These tiny blocks can be so frustrating .

  5. A 11 was hard. They look good to me

  6. I think your blocks are super. I would never have had the patience to even start to make them so I applaud your efforts to finish them. And they look GREAT!


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