Sunday, 13 November 2016

What a weekend....

I headed off to quilt camp with my new group. Car was packed and the house was left clean and tidy. I picked up Maxine and off we went. On route for Lake Cullulleraine. About half an hour from home.
We get there first and have a little explore. Mmmm, not what I am used to for a camp. Especially after I have worked in one. It didn't cost much so I can't really complain. It was like camping like the kids. It is the company you come for so suck it up and enjoy it...
LOTS OF PHOTOS TO COME AND MORE TOMORROW SO I HOPE YOU CAN ENJOY THEM... some of you have already seen these so sorry for repeating...
Isn't the view of the lake just lovely

The kitchen, diner and work room.
There is only 18 of us so we will all fit ok.

Our dorm bunks. No curtains on the windows. Oh what a night.
I was warned to bring blankets to wrap around the bunk to keep the light out.
I chose the one in the far right corner so I had two walls to make it a bit darker.
There is a storm on the ways. Look at those clouds.
There is still a pelican sitting and watching.

Where has the lake gone. The storm has hit hard.
Yes my car was hail damaged...

The branches were all over the roads. The hail stones were hitting hard.

The branches from the trees opposite the building smashed into the windows 

The sunset is a glowing orange.

 We did enjoy the sunset even though my photos aren't the best. 

Then another storm hit us. Still without power most head off to bed. The emergency battery operated lights after 3 hours are starting to go out one by one. Some sit there talking, unpicking their work while I pin my squares together for the next time I get to sew. 
No lights left at 11.15 the last of us head to bed.. luckily I had my iPad so I could read for a bit. No internet service. Lines are all down. Time for sleep..

 Choppy waters on the lake. The pelican is keeping watch though.

After having no power from 7 the night before it was a bit of a sad finish. With no operating toilets,showers, water, gas or electricity it was in the best interest and safety for all that we pack up and head off home unhurt. 


  1. At least your safe and sound........ But a sad way to enjoy your weekend......

  2. Love that sunset but it came at a price - hope your car is an easy fix. I did have a chuckle over the bunk beds as someone snoring would bother me more than the light. LOL. Bummer you didn't get much stitched but it sounded like a good adventure.

  3. Oh no what a bummer but pleased no one was injured..

  4. Seems you made the very best of your "adventure"....oh my those bunks would have made my back hurt! LOL!! But I bet they'd look great covered in quilts!

  5. This is one retreat you won't forget!

  6. Not a camp you would least everyone is safe and sound....

  7. Wow! Those bunk beds! I would have freaked. Haha, you are a survivor. Go you!

  8. Wow! Those bunk beds! I would have freaked. Haha, you are a survivor. Go you!

  9. The bunk beds would not have been to my liking! The storm sounds dreadful, sorry your car got damaged by the hail. What a shame your Camp was curtailed as a result of the weather.


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