Thursday, 17 November 2016

I actually did some Slow Stitching on Sunday. Post a bit late

After the mess and all the storms on the weekend I managed to just sit for some time to think..

We were lucky to have no real damage. Only one of our back fence supports was leaning over. The neighbour on the other side got it straightened and organised for it to be concreted. It just gave way in the soft ground and the wind was so strong it pushed it over.
The neighbour on the side of us that we share a fence with lost the fence extensions. No damage to our side but the extensions are wrecked. Their trampoline flew away and landed in the house behind us. Landed on and broke their clothes line. No damage to houses. The street didn't flood and we have no real large trees to fall down. Very lucky.

So now on to the sewing.... my Slow Stitching Sunday
Back in 2010 a friend and I flew to Toowoomba, Queensland for "a girls day out " sewing weekend. We met another friend who had recently moved there. There were the designers Lynette Anderson, Annie Downs from Hatched and Patched and Natalie Bird. We were given the usual goody bags filled with kits, patterns, fabrics and threads.
Lots of lovely patterns.
Lovely kits 

Of course we all start projects on these days and I am no different. Guess what. I got it out and am now working on it. Hip hip hooray...
I am working on TREE OF CHRISTMAS CHEER by Anni Downs. This is what I have done
I have done all the stitching

This is what it will be..
Design by Annie Downs
Hatched and Patched

The reason for actually working on it. I need a door stop for the front door. As we are coming up to Christmas I thought it was fitting...

And I have also been working on a Splendid Sampler block.
Splendid Sampler block no. 75 


  1. Well next time Towoomba comes up...give me a call.
    I could handle a weekend away with
    Yes some days a quiet stitch is all we need... xox

  2. I love seeing your stitching projects, all lovely.

  3. Nice to call in on you again and very pleased to hear you didn't have any house damage. Cant wait to see the Xmas door stop all finished up!

  4. So good to hear you didn't have any house damage. Great to have a bit of quiet stitching from time to time!! So good t pull out a partially done project and get on with it. Have been dojng the same here. That doorstop will be lovely.

  5. Glad to hear you didn't have too much damage, Jo. Seeing your stitching has made me realise I've left the French knots off mine! I'd better go add them.


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