Monday 24 June 2024

Down the rabbit hole and a Kawandi appeared.

 I have really enjoyed my big stitch quilting, Sashiko and the new to me Kawandi style.

So down the rabbit hole I went.

I wanted to try a smaller piece with a brighter effect. Into my tub of fabric sets and packs I found this cute one.

I found a nice pice of fabric in my Farmers Wife tub.

It has been cut to size and the edges have been ironed over.

The charm pack has been cut up ready.

Normally Kawandi uses a sari cloth as the centre for some body. I wanted a little more thickness so I added quilt wadding.
The fabrics have started to be stitched. The first round is done.

Once again.. sitting here listening to YouTube and slow stitching away.

Stitching lots of different fabrics.

Give it an iron to keep it flat

I went a bit crooked so I had to fill in the gaps.

I was asked how I end of my thread. So here goes. Tie 2 single knots close to the work but not on top of each other.

Go back into the same hole as the last stitch

Pull the thread through and cut off. The end is all hidden now.

Look at this beautiful cloth. Measures 16” * 26”

It looks lovely against the green.

A lovely table centre.


Maria said...

Looks great…I also used quilt wadding when I stitched one…

Denice Barker said...

OK, that does it! I have to give this kawandi a try!!

Lin said...

Gorgeous! xx

Arish said...

Qué preciosidad. BESICOS.

Susan Smith said...

Interesting........something I've not come across, though maybe I have seen it, but thought, way too hard for me as I'm not very good at creativity. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

Chookyblue...... said...

nice project Jo..........

loulee said...

That looks great.

Janet O. said...

I've not seen this or heard of it before. A beautiful finish! Well done, Jo.

Raewyn said...

This looks lovely, Jo. I haven't tried this yet but it does looks like a very relaxing way to stitch.

Susan said...

Well done on a fairly quick finish!
I imagine its very tactile,