Thursday, 9 February 2017

A good friend

A good friend of mine has been working on a quilt for quite a while. She has come to the realisation that she is not interested in machine sewing any more. So, I received a parcel in the mail. Included was a pile of fabric, some strips sewn together, large blocks cut and other blocks sewn again. What was I to do but get them all out and sort them out. Work out what she had in mind and go forward and finish it off for her. She is so special..
Here is what I got..... such lovely bright fabrics....

Oh my. What's in the box.... what a challenge.
Time to sor the box full of goodies out. Then work out what can I do with them. The aim is for something to make a king single quilt.
A box full of goodies. Fabric, strips, blocks, scraps and 1/2 square triangles.
Strips ready to be sewn

Fun colourful strips crosscut and sewn into half square triangle blocks.

The strips need cross cutting
The strips have been cross cut into 13.5" blocks.
Place the 2 blocks together after they have been placed in opposite directions. You will end up with fun half square triangles.
13" blocks to be sewn 1/4" around all sides and then cut diagonally.
Once the blocks have been cut diagonally this is what we have got.
These are the blocks that will be sewn together. SOMEHOW....
A 9.5" block


  1. Wow that is going to make a beautiful quilt, love the colours. Will look forward to seeing it finished, beautiful gesture Jo.

  2. Looks fabulous. You are being a good friend too

  3. Well you have taken a pile of fabric strips and created a really fabulous pile of colourful blocks! Can't wait to see it finished .

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all comes together!

  5. It's going to be one amazung string quilt with a great diagonal sashing going through it!

  6. what a cjallnge you have here, loving the HST blocks must have a go at some of them myself. Best of luck it can`t be easy sorting all this out when you do not know what was planned in the first place

  7. A pink jigsaw puzzle. Hope you have fun making a quilt out of these fun pieces.

  8. HEe hee. Now that's a challenge! What a good friend!

    Love that you are onto it. xo

  9. Now that looks like a fun project and a mystery to boot! You are a wonderful friend!

  10. You'er amazing Jo... the blocks look fabulous. I think I would have tossed them in the bin...


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