Thursday, 2 February 2017

Surprise package from Sue.

A few days back I received another happy parcel. This time it was from the lovely Sue. . I do really have to say thankyou to the generosity of my friends...

First up in the parcel were these sweet tiny beanies for the hospital.
Premie Knitted beanies.
Sue was busy making some humidicrib covers for our local hospital. They are so cute and will really make a difference.
What a cheeky monkey

Cute hippo and elephant for the babies

I knew Sue loved doing these puzzles so when 2 were returned to me I sent one to Sue and one to Val.  It's good to pass them around. Sue kindly sent me one back in return. I haven't done this one yet. I used to do them with my neighbour over Xmas and a drink. Now I might start one over winter. THANKS SUE. You didn't have to..
A fun WASGIJ puzzle


  1. You have received some beautiful parcels for your hospital Jo.

  2. It is lovely to make thjngs that will be of use, thank you for doing the inspiring!! All my other wasgij's went to the op shop when we moved house, it is a much better idea to swap them around...we can all be driven mad together!!! Lol!! I am planning to do the one you sent me over Easter!!

  3. Gorgeous little gs needed one when he was born so I know they are needed.
    EnJoY your new puzzle... xox

  4. those little hats will keep the prem babies nice and warm, not come accorss the puzzles it looks rather tricky to me best of luck

  5. Lovely little beanies and covers.


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