Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Fiddle cloths on the go

I have made a few fiddle cloths and given them to friends. One even went over to the UK. You can make it using all kind of scraps. I wanted one for my SIL and my group wanted to make something for charity. The 5th Tuesday night of the month is allocated for charity makes. Everyone who wanted to join in brought along a bag of scraps, bits and pieces to share. It was all put on the table for everyone to dig in. Hopefully I will get a photo of a few of the finished ones in a week or two when we get together again.

What will all this be.
I have put a few textured items on to a towelling hand cloth. It makes a good base for these fiddle cloths. This one will be sent to my SIL. When it is finished. I am also sending it in a lingerie washing bag so that the items on it don't get damaged in the wash.... It has lots of things on there to fiddle with. Beads, a zip, cloth flower, lace, buttons, a doily and different textures of fabric. I just made it like a crazy patch.. Time will tell if she uses it.
It's getting there.

Another one to donate to a nursing home near me.


  1. Rather like your idea of a cloth rather than muff.I too have done a twiddle muff for my brother following his heart attack as he was continiously trying to pull tubes etc out once he was semi concious. Not sure he used it much and it disappeard very quickly, think his wife took it home and threw it away but if it helped at first it was worth it..

  2. They are a great idea Jo and I am sure will be used and appreciated.

  3. What a beautiful piece to give to someone at a nursing home! I love that the 5th Tuesday is dedicated to charity! Happy sewing.


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