Monday, 13 February 2017

QAYG is finished

I have finished all but the hand stitching of the binding down. I am sending it to a friend who originally worked on the quilt until I took it over years back. She enjoys hand stitching. When it's done she will pass it on to a charity.

When I was running my hands over this quilt and checking for threads I felt a bump. A hidden bump. Can you see where that pin is. That is marking the spot where I had to unpick some stitching. Yes, silly me had sewn a pin into it. I was holding the wadding in place when I was stitching it down and I missed taking it out. Lucky I found it.

A mysterious bump in the sashing.

Removing a pin that was hidden in the finished sashing.

Here is a bit of the back showing with the sashing strip in there.
I needed to add  this because I didn't have enough of the backing fabric
This is all the sashing and backing fabric left 


  1. LOL! Funny story about the pin - good thing you found it....

  2. It sure was lucky you found the pin...your friend will be delighted with her beautiful Quilt you finished for her...

  3. good job you found the pin tricky to remove though. A very pretty quilt, do you not like hand stitching the binding?

  4. Its lovely Jo. I once did that with a bag in the lining and couldn't work out what was 'biting'me lol! I haven't tried a QAYG.

  5. What a great finish, Jo! Well done to finish what your friend started - & it will be a welcome quilt for someone when the cooler months come.
    Good thing that pin was found!

  6. Looks good. I had a pin in my Nearly Insane after it was quilted. Luckily we got it out. So easy to do.

  7. Wow Jo, such an achievement, especially while you are working as well.

    I am glad you were able to take the pin out.

  8. That looks fantastic Jo, thank goodness you found that pin!!

  9. Oops! Just as well you found it before it stabbed someone!

  10. Another lovely quilt finish. I love blue, my favourite colour. Lucky you found that pin - always a problem. Done it myself a couple of times, funnily enough with QAYG blocks for Jan when I had used pins to keep batting scraps in place as I machined the strings.


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