Sunday, 26 February 2017

Slow stitching Sunday is going just Dearly

I have had a great day working on some hand stitching blocks. Dear Jane blocks....
I prepared a few by machine and have them ready to hand stitch. I have drawn the lines on with a white Karisma pencil. It rubs or washes off when done. It had actually rubbed off by the time I had finished stitching. I usually use friXion pens but they don't show up on the darker coloured fabrics very well. I'll be using this pencil again.. Very happy.

Hand stitching ready

I have decided to use up some of my tone on tone scraps. I had a long strip that had already been joined together with lots of scraps. It was left over from another project. Now I am cutting them into background squares for Dear Jane. I think it looks ok.. I have completed my applique on these 3 blocks. Some are a little wonky but I can cope with that. It's a bit like my life.
J 1

E 1

J 13

I got 3 finished and my fourth is started. I'll get them done in time for the next months meeting.

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Stitching Sunday...


  1. I applaud you for keeping at it with your Dear Jane, I MUST get on with mine!!

  2. Some great posts from this week Jo! Love the little blocks above and I think it looks just fine with the little bits being cut and used! Thanks for sharing the type of white pencil you used as well. I've been working out where all the signature hexies will go and I've made sure to leave a spot for your new one, in fact I'm rather glad you decided you would do a new one as it fits into a spot just made for it! Looks like the show was a great success as well!

  3. You are amazing keeping up with Dear Jane... mine are still just a book on the shelf....
    Love your new header...

  4. Lovely blocks. Good idea to use up your strip of tone on tone fabrics. You know I like using up scraps!

  5. good to see more Dear Jane blocks and liking your new photos of the family as a header too

  6. You are doing a great job on your Jane blocks!


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