Friday, 30 December 2016

A gift for the inlaws....

When my inlaws stayed with us they liked the microwave bowls that I used. So off I went and made them 2 for their Xmas present. I posted them off before Xmas so I hope they get them soon.
This is the tutorial I used.
I have quite a few of them and just love them.
I have put 60/40 wadding in them but this time I used all cotton wadding. The fabric is all cotton too.
These are only used for warming food for a very short time in the microwave. I would not recommend heating them for a long time. 2-3 minutes is plenty. If your food needs longer do the first few minutes without the holder and then put the bowl in the holder for the last minute or two.

They can also be used for ice cream too so your hands don't get cold. That's for the people who don't eat at the table..
Microwave bowls.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial Jo....

  2. Thank you for the tutorial and idea, Jo!

  3. You warm them in the microwave with the bowl on the fabric? The fabric doesn't get hot?

  4. Mmmm...this might be a handy idea for holding hot noodle bowls (when lazily not eating at the table)...might have to put one of these on the to do list...

  5. That is a great idea Jo. Hope the in laws liked them.


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