Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Lovely blogging friends to say thankyou to.....

to some very supporting friends....
I have recently received some lovely gifts from some blogging friends. 
I'm not sure why they have been so kind to me but I want to say thankyou. 
The quilting world is amazing.
I received this in the mail while I was away. It was waiting for me when I got home.
The lovely Kim has been celebrating her birthday sending out many gifts to her followers. She lost track a few times and I was one that was lucky enough to double up.
Here is my gift, the 2nd time. 
Another special surprise gift.
Have a look here at the beautiful work that Kim does.
She is a very kind lady. I want to say that I do hope she has celebrated a wonderful year for her birthday.

Then there was the beautiful Mari...
Mari was cleaning out her stash and posted me a beautiful package full of fabrics.
One day soon when I get started back in the workforce I will repay her by way of a donation to her charities she likes to support.
Thanks Mari, I'm sure I will do a lot with these...

A surprise parcel from a wonderful blogging friend

A box that is so full of fabric.
How wonderful

Sorry it's blurry
The wine fabric will be great for the Aussie Hero quilts I make...
The brown grey fabric is a great guys choice 
And of course
There is a beautiful Xmas fabric range to do something wonderful...
Thankyou Mari for being so generous...


  1. Wonderful things coming in the mail to you Jo.

  2. Wonderful things coming in the mail to you Jo.

  3. Lucky you to receive such thoughtful gifts...especially the second time from Kim. LOL.

  4. Lovely gifts for a lovely caring lady....

  5. Very thoughtful items there Jo... I'm sure you'll make great use of them... Kim certainly had a busy year with her RAKs!

  6. Lucky!! I love receiving happy mail.

  7. Great mail...what is that thread Kim sent you? it looks gorgeous...I'm sure you will put those fabrics to good use...


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