Friday, 23 December 2016

More for the NICU ward at the hospital.

After talking to the person in charge of the NICU ward I came away knowing of a few things they needed to brighten up the ward and make it a happier place to be...
First up were some humidicrib covers. These help block out the ceiling lights and also decorate the crib. They wanted cheerful patterns specific for boys and girls. Not necessarily blue or pink but patterns to define the sexes. We all want out little babies to be known.
The size for these are easy to make. 26" x 33" or   66 cm x 84 cm... approx.
They are made with flannelette or both sides cotton. They can be pieced or use a panel. The best part is they DO NOT need wadding.. I used a darker backing on them so the seams didn't show up as much with the light behind it....
I bagged them.... sewed them right sides together, leaving a gap for turning, turned them right sides out and topstitched the gap closed. I added more top stitching all over to hold front and back together..
I had a small strip of this cute baby print. I cut it in half  and added strips of the plain blue.
I think it looks very cute.

I had some left over teddy bear fabric in green. This went on the back

One for the boys. I have just added a plain blue drill fabric for the backing.
It is a bit heavier but looks great.

This one needed to be made bigger so I cut the backing bigger and bagged it.
The extra fabric wrapped to the front making a border with mitred corners. 
Another cute panel.
 I stitched all around the animal shapes to hold it together.
A cute panel with a bright pink backing

If anyone would like to help out and wants to post some to me to pass on to the hospital drop me an email. I would love to have some others help me. I had these panels here so I knew I could whip these up quickly. Now I can spend some time doing a few pieced blocks and have some fun with different patterns.
Just a reminder... They measure 26" x 33".. they are made of cotton or flannelette fabric.. NO WADDING/BATTING is required. A darker fabric for backing is preferred but not essential.

I am building up a list of items to make for the hospital and have started a new page so they are all in one place. There will be some photos which will link back to the post with the requirements...

Thanks for caring...


  1. Those covers are beautiful Jo, will have a look through my stash and see what I can find to help you. I do have some panels but am not sure of the size.

  2. Would love to help out. Do you bag them or bind them. Lovely not having wadding in. Sure I can come up with something. I also assume the parents take them home when Bub goes home so they will always need them?

  3. Haven't heard of this idea before. I will have to investigate whether our local hospital needs them. Your covers are so bright and cheerful. Well done, Jo.

  4. Beautiful humicrib cover Jo....

  5. They are a great idea and I've made some for the hospitals I donate too as well.
    Nice and bright covers to cheer up a necessary home... xox

  6. I just love that you can make time for the NIKU ward. xxoxo


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